Sassy Caddy recognizes women want something fashionable & functional. Emily Haythorn, founder, owner & designer is a former Golf Professional. She spent ten years teaching, buying and merchandising for golf shops. Many of her students were women who were excited about the sport, but less than thrilled with the product selection. Empathizing with their disappointment, Emily launched Sassy Caddy in 2010. 

    She added pizzazz and fashion to the golf industry. Emily thoroughly researched bags; she asked women on the golf course what they wanted in a golf bag. Those discussions led to the creation of Sassy Caddy. The bags are made with durable, waterproof, stain & fade resistant fabrics. Since its inception, Sassy Caddy has expanded its line with a vast array of travel, tennis, messenger and fitness totes. We offer trendy bags for every purpose, designed with you in mind. Have fun shopping!